Foundation date: 1981

As befits a country at the source of the Renaissance, L’Arche in Italy is full of creativity.  Copperplate engraving, making ceramics, enjoying nature, sports, paper-making, music therapy, drama, and playing music are just some of the activities on their menu.   And they live out these activities with passion and creativity!  Just listen to the names given to each community’s band: “Fuori Tempo” (out of time), “Chicco Sband” (a play on words between “band” and “swerve”)!

Their passion is equally present when participating in the Special Olympics, or creating books on AAC (augmentative and alternative communication)!

Italian communities are also rich in their diversity, as are the regions in Italy, but they know how to come together with their diversity.

How are we? Strong! Too strong!

The Chicco Sband

What's new in Italy

One world, many colours

“Every time we really understand what Roberto means, it’s a very precious moment.” Luca, an assistant from L’Arche Bologna, (Italy), talks abo...

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Culture available for everyone – is it possible?

How many people have impacted on our world as much as Anne Frank? Still today, her searing story of life in a ghetto continues to inspire young and ol...

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“God bless La Chicco Sband!”

Nadia never forgets! Each morning the same simple prayer: “God bless La Chicco Sband.” It is easy to see why: many schools near Rome, Italy, regul...

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#AsIAm – Take Care of You

What is meant by the word disability? For Raffaella Monterosso, from L’Arche Italy, it means when your father grows old and there’s nothing you ca...

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