About L’Arche

Each L’Arche community is centered around homes, workplaces and gathering places. Each community forms a network of relationships open to all its members, both with or without an intellectual disability.


The communities are connected to each other through friendships and the sharing of common values and practices. They are integrated into their neighborhoods and contribute to their surroundings through a multitude of relationships that they foster.

We believe...

We believe that people with and without intellectual disabilities are equals.

We believe that diversity enriches all of our lives and that people with intellectual disabilities have a huge amount to offer to society.

We believe that when people with and without intellectual disabilities spend time together, it can transform us all.

We believe in the importance of spirituality and the search for meaning in life. L’Arche is rooted in the Christian gospel and continues to be shaped by people of different beliefs, practices and religions.

We believe that L’Arche communities come in many shapes and we must continue to adapt to a changing world.

Across the GlobeTogether

Today, there are more than 150 communities and nearly 30 projects around the world, from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

Discover L'Arche in the world
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