“God bless La Chicco Sband!”

Nadia never forgets! Each morning the same simple prayer: “God bless La Chicco Sband.” It is easy to see why: many schools near Rome, Italy, regularly depend on the band  to come and play to their students.



For La Chicco Sband offers not just great performances by 20 diversely talented L’Arche musicians – La Chicco Sband also offers a forward-looking message: working together, we can overcome any disability, any obstacle, any barrier.



“Our message is certainly making an impact,” says Loredana, who, along with Danilo and Paolo, founded La Chicco Sband 20 years ago. “And it impacts not just on the students, but on us too: each band member has to learn to adapt to give space to others. No Prima Donna! And the fun we always have, the school children pick that up too! After we finish playing, they come over to High-5 us all!”



Why not hear La Chicco Sband yourself on YouTube?

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