Foundation dates

L’Arche Carrefour: 1975

L’Arche Chantal: 1980

Since 2019, L’Arche Haiti has been facing important challenges. Indeed, the country is going through serious crises at the socio-economic, health, political and security levels. This situation hinders the ability of both communities to achieve their long-term goals but does not prevent them from continuing to move forward with resilience and creativity.

L’Arche Haiti’s vision for the future includes the following elements:

  • The reconstruction of the community of Chantal after the earthquake of August 14.
  • The relocation of the Carrefour community to an area with less seismic risk.
  • The development of the Educational and Rehabilitation Centers, which offer basic education to children with disabilities in both communities.
  • The strengthening of workshops as places where people with intellectual disabilities can contribute and find their place in society. They are also sources of income through the sale of peanut butter (mamba) and other products.

L’Arche is my family. We all – we make one. L’Arche is my home forever.

Marie-Anne, core-member living in Chantal

What's new in Haiti

L’Arche gets behind Zero Waste Day 30 March

Thousands of tons! That is the answer to the question, ‘how many old books get buried in UK landfill sites each year?’ Which partly explains why L’Arche Brecon’s (UK) Rebound Books received another Sustainability Award

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Haiti earthquake update

“Once again, one time too many, our country is a victim of Mother Nature.” – Rhodes Jules Garcon, Board chair of L’Arche Haiti

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Haiti – A Vision for the Future

Resilience in the midst of uncertainty in Haiti. In many ways, the L’Arche communities in Haiti are approaching the COVID crisis with their usual re...

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