Dominican Republic

Foundation date: 1984

For me, L’Arche is a community of sincerity: a light constantly guiding us on an incredible path where we can encounter a multitude of lovely things. But it also helps us to get to know wonderful people who have so many good virtues, strengths and gifts that they have touched me, heart and soul.

I have no doubt that L’Arche has shaped my life and has taught me many things, but above all to learn from, listen to and understand others.

– Yhan Carlo Acero, house Leader at L’Arche Dominican Republic

Through interacting with people at L'Arche in Dominican Republic who have an intellectual disability, I am brought into contact with a "pure strength". This allows me to live without masks or airs and to want to talk about this: it teaches me how to be a better Me.

Jaime Borbón, Development and Fundraising Manager, L'Arche Dominican Republic

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