A story of L’Arche Zimbabwe

“I am already full of excitement,” exclaims Tatenda. “When the new therapy project opens, I will be the receptionist welcoming any one coming through the door, and answering the phone too.” Tatenda, a member of L’Arche Harare, Zimbabwe, is just one of many people looking forward to July when the project opens its doors to the people.



Community leader Time Baluwa shared that, “The Therapy Project will empower persons with disabilities with Occupational and Physio-therapy services. About 100 people will come here to receive these services and this means not just members of L’Arche, but others living in the neighbouring communities, rich and poor. In this way, L’Arche gets better known, and some of our members with disabilites, like Tatenda, will be able to get employment. Others could become cleaners, or help with the laundry.”



For Time, this is part of a bigger vision of local engagement: “one way is to make L’Arche a meeting venue for people; another is our immersion volunteer programme. We may not have a lot of money, but we still need to share the riches of L’Arche.”



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