Communities near Christchurch, New Zealand

Message from David Treanor, National Leader for L’Arche Australia and International Envoy for L’Arche New Zealand, on March 15, 2019.

“Dear friends,

I would like to update you on our Communities in New Zealand. L’Arche Kapiti and L’Arche Mt Tabor are both located on the North Island and Christchurch where 49 people were massacred is located on the South Island.

Our brothers and sisters of “Faith and Light” have a Community (Marolameda) in Christchurch.

I have spoken to some members of Marolameda and they are broken-hearted about what has happened in their country. Our Communities in both New Zealand and Australia are especially sad for the people of Christ Church who have already suffered so much from the earthquakes. We hope that the people of New Zealand can respond with compassion and integrity and care for the Islamic Community.

Our thoughts, prayer and love are with our friends you and the members of Marolameda Community.

On March 15 (2019), Candice Wilson, Community Leader in L’Arche Kapiti sent a message around the households and wider community asking for prayer and solidarity with the people of Christ Church and especially our sisters and brothers of Marolameda. I would ask you and your Communities to follow L’Arche Kapiti’s lead and for prayer and solidarity.

May God look kindly and graciously on the people of Aotearoa New Zealand today and as they live this time of grief and anguish.  May we in turn look kindly and graciously on the Islamic Community and on all who cross our paths today and ever day in our lives.”

Best wishes,
David Treanor


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