Why write a book?

Richard Keagan-Bull, a member with learning disability of L’Arche London UK gave his answer, speaking at the launch of his book ‘Don’t put us away! in the British Parliament: ‘I want readers to see that people with learning disabilities have gifts to give in different ways’. For Marie-José Dievant, member of L’Arche Ambleteuse, France, who wrote a book about her encounter with other members with a disability from Bangladesh, it was ‘because I want everyone to understand life over there’, [in L’Arche Bangladesh]. 

Intellectual disability? For both Marie-José and Richard, that reality has been no barrier to getting published. Whether in poetry or prose, through stories or picture books, many other disabled members of L’Arche have also taken up pen or pencil to express their particular take on life. On International Day of the Book, 23 April, the world recognises the value of each author’s efforts. 

Like any creative project, the production method always involves good teamwork. But the real motor is always one person’s absolute Author-ity over their own life experience.  

And each person has something unique to share, a story worth telling: what’s yours? 

Marie-José Dievant and core member from Bangladesh
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