#AsIAm – Santos and Pipe’s Story

#AsIAm Documentary | Santos and Pipe’s Story | L’Arche Honduras| Chapter 1

When Santos was born, doctors described him as hemiplegic, epileptic, and intellectually disabled. By the age of 9, Santos described himself as a cowboy, magician, and innovative fisherman. If you can relate to wanting to write your own story, and wanting to not be labelled by others, check out the first chapter of a very long and unremarkable journey.

Chapter 2

39% of the world’s homeless population has a disability. When Pipe was sleeping under a school bus, he was a part of that sobering statistic, but that’s not even close to his whole story. In Chapter 2 of our docu-telenovela, Pipe’s fate is about to change because of an encounter with a stranger.

Chapter 3

There are 11 million undocumented migrants in the US. One of those 11 million has a daughter named Yanila who lives around the corner from Santos. In the final instalment of this docu-telenovela, unremarkable encounters lead to remarkable changes in the lives of the protagonists.

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