Connecting places, connecting people!

Subways and underpasses may be great for getting you from A to B, but how many towns include them in their tourism guides? The Richmond underpass in London, Ontario, Canada, is now an underground art gallery of thirteen brightly coloured panels! The overall theme is “Connected in chaos”.

Seven members of the London Ontario (Canada) L’Arche community: Melissa, Jenn, Toinette, Peter, Kavya, Janet and Nicole joined 160 of their fellow townspeople, and with the help of some clever technology, created an extraordinary digital artwork.

Melissa loved the project: “Creating this art took a long time and it was an emotional process for me; but I enjoyed learning a new form of art, through textiles; and now I feel really happy that anyone walking through the underpass will see my art- and I hope that brings them happiness too!”

“Each of the thirteen panels is grounded in our caring connection to this community of London.  Inclusion means not just being part of the local scene, but also sharing some responsibility for its ongoing life,” says Marietta, community leader. “From start to finish, creating this mural has deepened our connections across the city. Through online meet ups, readings, videos, group exercises and storytelling, participants explored and shared their own stories and histories. For each person who chose to help with this project, including members of L’Arche, participating in this mural has affirmed their citizenship: a way of declaring, ‘London Ontario is my town. I belong. Let’s connect.’”

*Proud contributors Peter and Kavya from Bethany House, L’Arche London Ontario, Canada


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