“Are you his teacher?”

Tina is in the bazaar in Alexandria, Egypt, with Mohamed, a man with an intellectual disability, member at L’Arche Mog AlHob (project). Together, they are selling candles and scarves made in the L’Arche project where they have both been working for over two years.


*Mohamed with his mother.

A woman comes up to their table. Their goods are high quality, it’s true, but what really attracts her interest is the clear warmth of relationship she observes between the two vendors. That puzzles her, something she has not seen before: one, a Christian woman, the other a Muslim man; him with a disability, her without, but both somehow getting on like a house on fire. How often do you come across that on the streets of Alexandria? These two people seem so different. It would be crazy to leave without finding out more: so what exactly is the relationship between them? Is Tina a family member perhaps? Or a teacher? “No, Mohamed is my friend.” Five simple words. Such a gentle way to start a revolution…!


*Tina, bottom on the right, with a red sweater.


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