Serving 2-3 years as a formative presence abroad

In response to the call of communities, experienced assistants are sent into specific missions to support them over a period of 2-3 years. 


The mission involves sharing everyday life of a community by providing a formative presence around an identified area or activity. This could be related to the community’s development, to the quality of community life or to an interim leadership role. Here are some examples: Assisting in the development of daytime activities, facilitating the transition of a community to the next local leader, or developing a new approach in supporting our members with a disability.



If you have a solid background in the area of international cooperation, language skills and preferably 5 years in L’Arche or in a similar organization please get in touch with us. And we will be delighted to help you find the community that matches your own interests and desire for a deeper commitment, and hopes to share your experience and talents.


Ready to join us?

The International Mission Assistant is prepared, sent and supported throughout the mission by the Director of Human Resources who will prepare an agreement between the individual and the welcoming community. This will clarify the specific goals of the mission and the employment conditions. L’Arche International provides a stipend and ensures full social security and health insurance cover.

Contact the Director of Human Resources: