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Discover ways of bringing your passion, experience and aspirations to L’Arche.

L’Arche needs you!

Join a community with a mission to build a more inclusive world

We need volunteers who are willing to share their time and skills with our communities. Whatever your age, whether you have lots of time or little, whatever your life experience you’ll have fun and make a difference.

What kind of volunteering? 

Board of directors

If you have experience in governance, organizational development, law, finance, HR, buildings, or disability find out more about joining a local or national board of directors.


Bring your know-how in fundraising, by reaching out to people and inviting them to support L’Arche locally or nationally or internationally.

Support a community

Bring your passion and expertise in nurturing individuals to grow personally, professionally and/ or spiritually by providing one-to-one support or in supporting a group.

What to expect?

A trustworthy channel to bring about your dream for a more human society.

The chance to collaborate with a wide variety of other partners in our shared mission. Typically, volunteers describe their involvement with L’Arche as: ‘inspiring’, ‘challenging’, ‘horizon-expanding’ and ‘fun.’

Opportunities to join in community activities such as celebrations and birthdays.

A clearly defined role as a volunteer, with built-in reviews, in dialogue with the local community or national office.

L’Arche attracts a –perhaps surprisingly – diverse range of people, faiths, philosophies and ‘seekers’; you can expect full respect for your own outlook on life as well as many openings to explore the rich spirituality of other members of L’Arche.

Find opportunities?

Use this map to contact your nearest L’Arche community or national office.

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