L'Arche Uganda
Communities : KAMPALA - 2 houses
Core members : 34 - 18 welcomed in a L'Arche home

Meet Kabuye George, his touching story

Kabuye George joined the L’Arche Community when he was just a small boy. He lived in the Thomas house, and grew well there. He has always participated in the workshop activities, like making candles and doormats, but his favorite place to work is on the farm! Now that he is a grown man, he is able to live with and support his mother, who is partially blind. But Kabuye George still comes to the community every day to work on the farm and to continue building friendships with other Core Members. 

"Family is important. we are born in a family, but we can also grow “into” a family. This means embracing everyone, every day.” - Kabuye George, L’Arche Kampala

Creating Change

  • Despite limited local resources, the community has maintained a very high quality of care for and attention to the Core Members. 
  • In recent years, the harvest from the crops and animals has been very good, which contributes to the health of the Core Members. 
  • The community also reaches families in the local villages, sharing from the harvest, and helping families to raise their own chickens. 

Vision for the Future

  • Continue to strengthen our crop and income producing activities.
  • Renovate and upgrade one of our buildings, which we use for activities, in order to generate more local revenue for the community. 
  • Renew and strengthen the partnership with the CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital, which provides rehabilitation for some Core Members, and to train the Assistants in some aspects of physiotherapy. 

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