Stage 2 - Step 2 // Beads from the Federation

Arche Tecklenburg e.V.

Trust overcomes fear 1. We need Trust in God like the Gospel story tells it 2. We need trust each other and trust ouerselves ( orchestra conductor) We will be able to overcome fear of Covid 19, fear of other people and fear of distraction of the nature

Arche Landsberg e.V.

IMG_0164: Translation of the text inside the bead: Belonging and trust. Inside L’Arche, we can trust each other, our relationships are based on friendship and everybody belongs. Everybody contributes his*her share and is seen. This fills us with life. A glimpse into what it means to us beside what is written inside: • Both Core-Members and Assistants profit from this bead for it’s the foundation for living together with mutual respect and being on par with each other • Everybody is seen means everybody is highly valued just as they are. Everybody is seen, no matter how small or quiet they or the way they contribute are. • Everybody contributes means we all share responsibility and have to be active in our mission, no matter the role • It’s a warm bead – a sense of belonging and trust goes with affection and feeling at ease, with a safe space where what we entrust each other with is holy.