Monday, June 26th


Each person has a right to hope. Hope gives us a reason to live. With hope we can believe in tomorrow. But we know that in all societies, some people are not allowed to hope, not allowed to believe that tomorrow will be better than today. And that is a tragedy we all share. 

L’Arche really hopes to make hope a reality for everyone on the planet, with no exceptions.

Into the future

This morning, Bess Brownlee and Kendyl Hair from L'Arche USA taught us to say good morning in US sign language. It has been said that 17 languages are represented here in our Federation Assembly… that is already a lot… but surely it is a huge underestimate: in reality, are there not really well over 500 languages here, and each of us is learning the unique language of the other?

In their own unique languages, Stephan and Stacy, our new International Leaders, inspired us on our final morning. 

“Our lives are woven together with sorrows and blessings.”

“We are seekers…”

“Let’s do it as we can, not as we can’t, each of us in the landscape in which we find ourselves.”

“Fear is the cheapest room in the house, and I want to see you living in better conditions - and that doesn’t mean not listening to our fears…”

“A boat is not made for the harbour, it is meant to be out on the waters of life…”

“We are an organisation but we are also a body… we should take care of the Federation; behind the word Federation are men and women of flesh and bone.”

“We are going to make Belfast 2017 backpacks for the people who were not able to come due to visa reasons. It is another small sign to show that they are part of us, and we are together.”

And finally, from Francois Castin, a core member from L'Arche Bierges, in Belgium “it has all happened too quickly!” 


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