L'Arche Honduras
Core members : 41 - 18 welcomed in a L’Arche home

Meet Maritza, her touching story

Many years ago, Maritza’s mother discovered L’Arche Choluteca. They visited the community often, and Maritza’s mother asked that the community receive Maritza to live with them. L’Arche Choluteca did not have space at the time, and had to say no. One day, Maritza’s mother dropped her off for a visit to L’Arche, but didn’t come back. It was several years before she returned, and visited Maritza. Shortly afterwards she was tortured and killed by gang members in the city. Maritza’s mother knew that L’Arche was the way to save her daughter’s life. Maritza is now in her thirties, and brings much joy to the community. She takes good care of everyone, and has a special gift for embroidery. 

"The Communities have an incredible gift of hospitality. it is truly impressive! This is both among the assistants and persons with disabilities. They will give you their own bed without thinking. Above all else they value relationships. The important thing is to share and be together.” - Maria Elvira Santacruz

Creating Change

  • The community has a very strong spiritual life together. They are faithful in prayer, dedicating time each week to pray for family, friends, and anyone they know that needs prayer. 
  • Neighbourhood integration - the community is very involved with the local church, participating in regular events. 

Vision for the Future

  • To develop a strong Board of Directors, who can lead the community into the future, and increase local sources of income.
  • To invest in the physical infrastructure of both communities, and thereby more appropriately provide for the needs of the Core Members. 

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