Aid Fund

Together, we raise the funds needed!

In 18 countries, 25 L'Arche communities exist in a difficult political situation & do not receive state funding. Every year, L’Arche International and other levels of the Federation raise the funds needed to support our members, their homes and programs in the global south in hope to reduce the economic “gap” between the communities.

Each community is like a diamond that sparkles with joy, friendship, and mutual care.

Join us to create more places of belonging
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Since nobody knew her name, they called her Soro Princesse. The hospital’s social services referred her to L’Arche where she now lives. Her scars have disappeared, and she lives a happy life in L’Arche.

L’Arche Côte d’Ivoire

  • 89 core members
  • 17 are welcomed in 3 homes


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One day the door to Hany and Nagat’s tiny room was opened, and Hany and Nagat were welcomed back into the world and, what is more, into a home and a place of belonging.

L’Arche Egypt

  • 30 core members
  • 8 are welcomed in 1 home


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Kabuye George joined the L’Arche Community when he was just a small boy. Now that he is a grown man, he is able to live with and support his mother, who is partially blind.

L’Arche Uganda

  • 34 core members 
  • 18 are welcomed in 2 homes


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L’Arche can provide for Joshua material, emotional, physical and psychological needs. He also contributes a great gift to the community, which is his beautiful smile!

L’Arche Zimbabwe

  • 23 core members 
  • 12 are welcomed in 2 homes


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Anderson came to discover that in the community he was loved, and had a home. He has a passion for music and cars, and he enjoys these simple hobbies.

L’Arche Brazil

  • 11 core members 
  • 9 are welcomed in 1 home


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Ismaël has lived in L’Arche since he was two or three years old. He does not speak with words, he does find many ways to communicate, including through a great smile!

L’Arche Haïti

  • 71 core members 
  • 32 are welcomed in 3 homes
  • 28 children attend a L’Arche school


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Maritza’s mother knew that L’Arche was the way to save her daughter’s life. Maritza takes good care of everyone, and has a special gift for embroidery.

L’Arche Honduras

  • 41 core members
  • 18 are welcomed in 2 homes


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Octavio is a very affectionate and happy man, and the father to all. He is a musician and a painter. His drawings fill our home!

L’Arche Mexico

  • 35 core members
  • 13 are welcomed in 2 homes


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L’Arche Bangladesh

“To be a part of the community means to make journey together through sharing our lives, working together, eating together, etc.”


Building a new house

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L’Arche India

“I am accepted and loved here, I am free to do anything which I think important in my life, I get angry sometime but forgiveness is a gift in my community.” Project


Rebuild walls of the main house
Plant fruit trees and vegetable plants.

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L’Arche Ukraine

“Community is a foundation on which one can lean. This is a place where I nourish my spirituality. Here I form myself as an individual, and to be open to others.”


Renovation new flat

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