Changing the world

Your donation will offer many possibilities around the world. We have listed a few:

• In India: the community developed a “Meal sponsorship program,” through which over 500 local families have become supporters of L’Arche.
• In Argentina: To design and implement a day program that will have the maximum impact on persons with intellectual disabilities, especially on those who are otherwise isolated due to their economic situation.

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Secure donations can be made online from anywhere in the world. If L’Arche is present in your home country, you can donate directly to them, and enquire about a tax receipt.

In Canada

The L’Arche Canada Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that raises funds on behalf of L’Arche Canada and is committed to transforming the lives of intellectually disabled people in communities across Canada.

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In France

Vous souhaitez aider L’Arche dans ses missions générales ou une communauté dont vous êtes proche? Faites un don à la Fondation Les Amis de L’Arche qui est reconnue d'Utilité Publique.

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In the United Kingdom

In the UK people with a learning disability are often misunderstood and under-appreciated. Many remain at risk of isolation, loneliness and abuse and live in a very small world with poor social networks. 

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In the US

“Life flowing from one to another is a strange and wonderful thing — and sharing weaknesses and needs calls us together into a common humanity.” — Jean Vanier

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L’Arche International

Every year, L’Arche International and other levels of the Federation raise the funds needed to support our members, their homes and programs in the global south in hope to reduce the economic “gap” between the communities. Each community is like a diamond that sparkles with joy, friendship, and mutual care.

More information

For more information, or if you would like to set up a registry for gifts to be made to L’Arche in honor of a special event or person, please contact:

Or if you can make a donation by cheque. To do so, simply send us your cheque made out to the order of L’Arche Internationale to the following address:

L’Arche International
25 rue Rosenwald
75015 Paris, France