L'Arche Brazil
Communities : SÃO PAULO, SOROCABA - 1 house
Core members : 11 - 9 welcomed in a L’Arche home

Meet Anderson, his touching story

When Anderson was just eleven years old, his mother received a gunshot wound that resulted in significant paralysis. Since Anderson has cerebral palsy, his mother knew she could no longer properly care for him. A religious friend of the community knew this family, and made arrangements for him to join L’Arche. It was not an easy transition for Anderson. He became deeply distressed and physically aggressive. But with time, the community found a place in his heart. He came to discover that in the community he was loved, and had a home. He has a passion for music and cars, and he enjoys these simple hobbies. 

"Over the last 28 years, we have had difficulties and joys, but we have always found friendship, true relationships, faithfulness, gratitude, generosity and other great gifts. These gifts invite you to stay and always remember.” - Ione Xavier - Founding member of L’Arche Brazil

Creating Change

  • Last year the community successfully relocated the house to a new and safer neighbourhood. This move has dramatically improved the quality of life of the Core Members.
  • New assistants have been recruited and trained.
  • There is a L’Arche “project” community in Sorocaba, near São Paulo, which will soon become a probationary L’Arche community. 

Vision for the Future

  • To design and implement a day program that will have the maximum impact on persons with intellectual disabilities in our region, especially on those who are otherwise isolated due to their economic situation.
  • To increase opportunities for personal development and quality of life for our Core Members.
  • To achieve financial autonomy. 

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