L'Arche Mexico
Core members : 35 - 13 welcomed in a L’Arche home

Meet Octavio, his touching story

Octavio was born with down syndrome. Although his family lives in the city, his parents abandoned him when he was a newborn baby, so his older siblings don’t know that he is alive. He is a very affectionate and happy man, and the father to all - if anyone misbehaves he will let them know. He loves Coca Cola, and it is absolutely the best gift anyone can give him. He is a musician, and he is also a painter. His drawings fill our home! 

"L’arche mexico is a bunch of smiles!” - Francine Rubina, L'Arche Mexico City

Creating Change

  • The workshop in Queretaro has grown from 6 to 22 participants in the last 2 years. In addition to impacting the lives of the Core Members, L’Arche is also impacting families in the neighbourhood.
  • L’Arche Mexico City recently relocated the community, moving out of one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods, and into a safe neighbourhood with many new opportunities. 

Vision for the Future

  • To find new ways for the communities to engage with broader society; to invite others to engage with the beautiful vision and mission of L’Arche.
  • L’Arche Mexico City and L’Arche Queretaro are supporting a new community for and with persons with intellectual disabilities that has established in Cuidad Juarez, with hope that it will be able to join L’Arche as a «project» community. 

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L’Arche Ivory Coast

By financially supporting L'Arche Ivory Coast, you can help them to welcome more Core Members by opening a fourth house in Bouaké.

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L’Arche Egypt

By financially supporting L'Arche Egypt, you can help them to be an example to the society of how to treat persons with disabilities.

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L’Arche Uganda

By financially supporting L'Arche Uganda, you can help them renovate and upgrade one of their buildings in order to generate more local revenue for the community.

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L’Arche Zimbabwe

By financially supporting L'Arche Zimbabwe, you can help them develop a therapy center which will provide physiotherapy for the community members, and offer services to people in the area. 

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L’Arche Brazil

By financially supporting L'Arche Brazil, you can help them increase opportunities for personal development and quality of life for the Core Members.

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L’Arche Haïti

By financially supporting L'Arche Haïti, you can help them strengthen L’Arche Schools by updating curriculum, recruiting more qualified staff, and integrating parent and student feedback.

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L’Arche Honduras

By financially supporting L'Arche Honduras, you can help them invest in the physical infrastructure of the communities, and thereby more appropriately provide for the needs of the Core Members.

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L’Arche Mexico

By financially supporting L'Arche Mexico, you can help them find new ways for the communities to engage with broader society.

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L’Arche Bangladesh

By financially supporting L'Arche Bangladesh, you can help them strengthen the salary program and professional growth opportunities, which will promote a more stable and healthy community life.

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L’Arche India

By financially supporting L'Arche India, you can help them establish a salary program that is relevant to local conditions, and makes it possible for the staff to make longer-term commitments.

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L’Arche Croatia

By financially supporting L'Arche Croatia, you can help them promote a culture of solidarity in the local neighbourhood.

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L’Arche Lithuania

By financially supporting L'Arche Lithuania, you can help them expand the physical structure of the community to include a workshop, and thereby create opportunities for day time activities for persons with intellectual disabilities in the community and the neighbourhood.

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L’Arche Ukraine

By financially supporting L'Arche Ukraine, you can help them conduct more activities to spread the L’Arche mission, not only in the city and region but also throughout the country.

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