“Together we will overcome boundaries!”

“Together we will overcome boundaries!”

“Despite some ‘bad weather days’, we have all kept our good mood!” Come rain, come sunshine (and even snow!), hikers with and without a disability walk together!

In July, to spread the experience of L’Arche with the theme “Together we will overcome boundaries!” and raise funds for the growth of their community, more than 100 members, friends (and dogs!) of L’Arche Germany and Austria helped each other over the hills and valleys of Southern Germany and Western Austria, covering a total of 300 km.

Every hiker had been looking for kilometer sponsors. About 40,000 euros were collected as a start-up financing for a new house in the area of L’Arche Landsberg (Germany), currently accommodating ten people with intellectual disabilities. A new building gives hope to offer a place of belonging for people with a disability but cannot be financed solely by means of public funding.

Members of L’Arche Germany and Austria are pursuing their fundraising campaign aiming to open a new house in the foreseeable future. 

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