New Community Leaders
Participants: 35 New Community Leaders from across the Federation
Project timeline: 4 days of formation per workshop

What it is

  • New Community Leaders come together from across the Federation to learn more about the history of L’Arche, our Core Values, Identity and Mission.
  • New Community Leaders explore how a community can be faithful to the values of L’Arche while also honouring their local culture and context.
  • New Community Leaders learn ways to strengthen and develop community life.

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"...developed a sense of unity with the Federation.” - 2017 Participant

Why it is needed

  • Between 30% and 50% of new Community Leaders have no previous experience in L’Arche.
  • Since there is only one Community Leader, they can often feel alone in the role, and isolated from peers. 

Why it is unique

  • This workshop is about more than passing along essential information, it is a very important time for Community Leaders to get to know each other and create networks of support for one another.
  • Leaders come from across the Federation, from communities in all different contexts, and this diversity creates an environment where everyone has something to share.

Funding needs

  • Compensation for formation coordinators.
  • Translation.
  • Formation booklets.
  • Travel and registration for communities unable to cover the costs.
  • Miscellaneous costs during the event. 

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