What we do

Empowering people with a disability

Putting L'Arche's values into action means empowering people with a disability to play a vital and active role in society, making it more human.

Active citizens

The value and the place of people with intellectual disabilities demands recognition across religious and cultural traditions. In this way, the international community can prepare the ground for each person touched by disability to carve out their own unique role in society. Within the Federation, L’Arche International is piloting fresh ways of including members with intellectual disabilities in decision making processes.

Open to diversity

Building a community in a new cultural, political, religious, social and economic environment is no easy task. It takes a major and ongoing effort both to understand the identity and mission of the organization, and beyond that, the in-depth knowledge and sensitivity needed in each new community context. At L’Arche International and other levels of the Federation, this openness to diversity demands a good measure of flexibility and creativity. 

The International Federation

All the L’Arche communities around the world belong to the International Federation of L’Arche communities.

The role of L’Arche International, as a unifying organization, is to support its members administratively, legally and financially and help them live out their mission. As an international organization, the Federation seeks to promote diversity and solidarity across geographical and psychological borders.

Ultimate authority in the Federation, it is vested in the Federation Assembly, which sets out the global vision of L’Arche, as reflected in the experience and issues of community members. It is composed of delegates from each community (people with intellectual disabilities, assistants and Board Members).

The International Leader and vice-International Leader guide the International Federation and hold authority regarding membership in L’Arche and the implementation of its mission. They call communities to live, grow and adapt to the changing world, in their ongoing application of our key reference texts. They promote unity in the Federation.

The International Stewardship Board ensures that L’Arche operates in a sound legal and financial framework. It works closely with international leaders.

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