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Meet Valentina, her touching story

Valentina came to L’Arche Zagreb in 2015 at the age of 25, when her grandmother heard that L’Arche had opened its daily workshop. Valentina had skills as a seamstress, but was unable to obtain a job. She had a lot of fear in her life at that time. Through her experience of community, Valentina has become a person who chooses to trust. Because of the strong friendships she has here, Valentina was able to overcome a big fear, choose trust, and get on a plane to Belfast to attend the L’Arche Federation Assembly! She has discovered great joy in teaching our workshops to local elementary school children. Valentina is a teacher to us all, and we are grateful for her presence in the community. 

"Today I have more friends than ever before. I’m accepted in L’Arche as I am.” - Valentina - L’Arche Zagreb

Creating Change

  • The community hosts monthly an open house activity which draws persons from the wider community, bringing together very different groups of people, and building trust. 
  • The response to the workshops presented to school children has been very positive, and the community continues to receive more requests for those. 
  • In 2016 the community decided to focus on improving their fundraising work, and has been strongly encouraged by the positive results. 

Vision for the Future

  • To increase visibility in the local community, stabilize local fundraising and to expand professional development opportunities for the community’s staff, assistants and volunteers. 
  • To promote a culture of solidarity in the local neighbourhood. 
  • To enable people with intellectual disabilities to actively contribute in increasingly creative ways in Croatian society. 

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