L'Arche Zimbabwe
Communities : HARARE - 2 houses
Core members : 23 - 12 welcomed in a L'Arche home

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In October of 2006, Joshua (Jomo) was abandoned at the National Railways of Zimbabwe Station in Harare. He was found by the police who sent him to the hospital, where he lived for several years! The authorities could not discover anything about his family, and so he was brought to L’Arche in 2009. Jomo has quadriplegic CP, and cannot move, sit or eat on his own. Here at L’Arche we can provide for all his material, emotional, physical and psychological needs. He also contributes a great gift to the community, which is his beautiful smile! 

Report 2020/21 – L'Arche Zimbabwe

In the last five years the L’Arche community in Harare, L’Arche Zimbabwe, has made a strategic decision to focus its attention on becoming more outward facing, to be of service to the wider community and to promote the core L’Arche proposition: that people with intellectual disabilities have much to contribute to society.

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"It is satisfying that I am part of the community that shows that every human being is a gift, and that cares for physical and spiritual growth.” - Peter - L’Arche Harare

Creating Change

  • The community has developed a very positive, reciprocal relationship with neighbours. 
  • University students (occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and social workers) now participate in community activities, which will strengthen our ability to attract skilled assistants over the long term. 
  • L’Arche members participated in the Paralympic Games held in Harare. This involved vigorous training and preparation. L’Arche members brought home a bronze medal and a silver medal. 

Vision for the Future

  • To become self-sufficient through income generating activities. 
  • To strengthen recruitment and training for assistants who will grow with the community in the spirit of L’Arche. 
  • To develop a therapy center (in partnership with L’Arche Germany) which will provide physiotherapy for the community members, and offer services to people in the surrounding area. Within about three years, this should become an income- generating activity of the community. 

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