L'Arche Mexico
Core members : 35 - 13 welcomed in a L’Arche home

Meet Octavio, his touching story

Octavio was born with down syndrome. Although his family lives in the city, his parents abandoned him when he was a newborn baby, so his older siblings don’t know that he is alive. He is a very affectionate and happy man, and the father to all - if anyone misbehaves he will let them know. He loves Coca Cola, and it is absolutely the best gift anyone can give him. He is a musician, and he is also a painter. His drawings fill our home! 

"L’arche mexico is a bunch of smiles!” - Francine Rubina, L'Arche Mexico City

Creating Change

  • The workshop in Queretaro has grown from 6 to 22 participants in the last 2 years. In addition to impacting the lives of the Core Members, L’Arche is also impacting families in the neighbourhood.
  • L’Arche Mexico City recently relocated the community, moving out of one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods, and into a safe neighbourhood with many new opportunities. 

Vision for the Future

  • To find new ways for the communities to engage with broader society; to invite others to engage with the beautiful vision and mission of L’Arche.
  • L’Arche Mexico City and L’Arche Queretaro are supporting a new community for and with persons with intellectual disabilities that has established in Cuidad Juarez, with hope that it will be able to join L’Arche as a «project» community. 

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