L'Arche Haïti
Core members : 71 - 32 welcomed in a L’Arche home & 28 children attend a L’Arche school

Read Ismaël touching story

Ismaël has lived in L’Arche Haiti since he was two or three years old. On September 6th, 2002 he was discovered by a Parish Priest in the courtyard of the St. Charles de Carrefour church in Carrefour. He had a rope tied around his neck to support his head. Fortunately, the priest took him to L’Arche where he was entrusted to the care of Jacqueline and others in L’Arche Haiti. Ismaël recently turned 18. He has grown well in L’Arche. Although he does not speak with words, he does find many ways to communicate, including through a great smile! 

Report 2020/21 – A vision for the future, Haiti

Through the support of L’Arche International and the swift generosity of donors around the world, the community of Carrefour was able to use the opportunities created by the 2010 earthquake to think strategically and to envision a re-foundation plan. This plan involves a move away from the fault line, to a safer part of the city, while still remaining deeply rooted in local culture and meeting needs in Port-au-Prince. 

Find out more about how both communities; Carrefour and Chantal, are dealing with the challenges of the country’s political unrest and covid pressures.

Download the report “A vision for the future”

"L’Arche is my family who gave me a place in society. At L’Arche I’m free and in security.” - Marie-Anne Jean, L’Arche Chantal

Creating Change

  • The local Board of L’Arche Haiti is consistently able to raise 20% of the operating budget, which is significant considering local economic conditions.
  • After the 2016 hurricane Matthew, with the support of international partners, L’Arche Chantal was able to meet the emergency needs of all the Core Members, and provide a great deal of support and help to their neighbours. 

Vision for the Future

  • To increase the amount of money the community is able to fundraise locally.
  • To strengthen both L’Arche Schools by updating curriculum, recruiting more qualified staff, and integrating parent and student feedback. 

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