We call those who share life in the communities “Assistants”. 

Friendship with people with intellectual disabilities shape our way of being in the world. Live-in or non-residential assistants are volunteers or salaried employees depending on the role, responsibility and employment law of the country. There is a long tradition in some countries to send L’Arche Assistant abroad through volunteer-sending organizations. 


How to reach us?

Most of the countries have their own recruitment office and in some countries L’Arche International is doing the recruitment. We have created this map to allow you to contact L’Arche in the country of interest. If you are interested in several destinations across the world, please fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this page and we’ll get in touch with you.

Possible vacancies

There are many volunteering and employment opportunities throughout the Federation. See below where we announce and share our needs.

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We post the latest volunteer and employment opportunities in our single communities; most of them in the global south.

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The communities and National offices share their volunteer and employment opportunities.

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We also share volunteer and employment opportunities within the Federation.

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This is what you can expect:

• You live in a/one of the L’Arche homes with other Assistants and members with a disability.
• You support people with disabilities in all dimensions of life through daily living and accompaniment
• Generally you are asked to make a commitment for one year.
• All L’Arche communities have a spiritual dimension. We welcome people of all faiths and those with no particular faith. 
• We expect assistants to be open to and supportive of other’s spirituality and to join in our celebrations.
• Be prepared for ongoing training and formation. In most countries L’Arche is a registered charity and must meet legally set standards in professional care.
• Experience daily life with people who are different to you. It’s a lot of fun. It’s also challenging. 

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Overwhelmed by the variety of possibilities? No current vacancies available that match your profile? Interested in several destinations across the Federation. No problem. We can guide you through this.


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