Serving one year in a community abroad

Our programme offers you a year’s volunteering experience in a L’Arche community abroad. Generally, this means sharing daily life and responsibilities within a community house, a workshop or another area of community life. 



Previous assistants speak of the amazingly rich opportunity for personal development. This comes from giving vital day to day support to one of our more vulnerable communities. It is not just about the tools, skills and attitudes needed for working and living in an unfamiliar country. It is much more about an unforgettable immersion in a new culture and religious tradition. Expect to be impacted!



You are a current or former L’Arche Assistant with a minimum of 12 months’ experience. Alternatively, you have good experience with people with a disability and/or had an international experience and language skills. You are open to embracing the identity and mission of L’Arche. You can commit for one year minimum. 



There are three partners committed to ensuring you have a truly life-enriching experience: L’Arche International, and the welcoming community and a sending agency. L’Arche International helps with finding both the appropriate welcoming community and a sending agency so that you have official volunteer status. This status guarantees you social insurance coverage and a stipend. We provide preparation before, mentoring during and a follow-up after your experience. The welcoming community defines your working conditions and provides food and lodging. You are welcome to apply any time during the year but January to April is peak season for recruitment for sending out in August/September.


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