Fueling the global mission of L’Arche

Support the communities

L’Arche exists in countries around the world that experience very difficult living conditions: natural disasters, political corruption, civil war, large-scale gang activity, violence, and struggling economies. In these contexts, the opportunity to live in L’Arche is certainly the difference between life and mere existence.

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Training to make a difference

At L’Arche International, we invest in local leadership. Each community is assigned an “Envoy” who journeys with the local leaders and Boards, providing guidance and L’Arche organizational wisdom. Selected local leaders are able to participate in International’s leadership development programs and formation workshops.

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As you review each page, and learn more about L’Arche communities that are living as a light in challenging contexts, we trust you’ll see their beauty, their commitment, and their hopes for the future. We invite you to join with them in a concrete way to turn those hopes into reality. 

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"I was ready to go and abandon my child somewhere! That is when L’Arche called on me. As soon as you began to support us, I felt stronger." - Mother supported by L'Arche outreach program, Ivory Coast