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LTM Montréal - April 2018 - Registration

1.97 Who are you coming with ?

1.98 Do you have a learning disability ?

6.17 Other language spoken?

6.12 Name personn1

Inscription : Inclusion - Décembre 2017

6.16 French/English spoken Person1

4.10 Indicate the name of the person or the organization who will pay for your participation

2.10 Do you prefer a shared or an individual room? (according to availability)

1.91 Which language you will be using for the meeting?

1.40 Male / Female

1.96 Your current position

1.81 Mobile phone number

1.8 Indicatif téléphonique du pays

6.13 Email Person1

6.14 Phone Country code (personn1)

6.15 Phone Number Personn1

5.14 Flight/ Train /by car (arrival)

5.24 Flight/ Train /by car (departure)

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