L'Arche Ukraine
Communities : KOVCHEH
Core members : 65 - 4 workshops & 1 day program for people with profound intellectual disabilities

Meet Tania, her touching story

Tania joined L’Arche in 2004, at the age of 24. Up until that point she had lived a very isolated life in her family home. Coming to the community has opened up a new world to Tania. She has many friends with whom she likes to communicate, and share experiences. She goes for walks, and meets new people (and dreams of having a dog to walk with her). In the L’Arche workshop Tania is particularly good at painting in the traditional Ukrainian style called “Petrykivka” thanks to her small delicate fingers. 

"Community is a foundation on which one can lean. This is a place where I nourish my spirituality. Here I form myself as an individual, and to be open to others.” - Olesia Trush, L'Arche Kovcheh

Creating Change

  • L’Arche Ukraine is considered one of the leading organizations caring for vulnerable populations in the country. They demonstrate various models of care, including the workshops, a day program for people with profound intellectual disabilities, and a respite care house. 
  • Two new groups have formed in the Ukraine, to care for persons with intellectual disabilities, who would like to grow and join the International Federation of L’Arche Communities. 

Vision for the Future

  • To conduct more activities to spread the L’Arche mission, not only in the city and region but also throughout the country.
  • To explore social entrepreneurship; to support the community and the mission of L’Arche through income producing activities. 

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