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The mystery of life together, at L'Arche

“Do we have to be alike to live together? Differences in belief, in motivation, in age. Unity is something precious. It's precious because it's rare. It's rare because it's hard. Unity is about differences woven together.”

Community of Betzata Awarded Order for Merits to Lithuania

“I would like to thank people with disabilities, assistants, friends, volunteers, board members, founders, supporters, priests, neighbors and everyone, who contributed or contributes to making Betzata community what it is today. I humbly accept the award as an incentive. Thank you for your trust...

Deepening understanding of hinduism and islam

It is no secret that faith is today playing an increasingly pivotal role in world affairs. Who, even a short time ago, would have predicted such a turn-around? ?Until recently, many particularly in the West have suggested that religion has passed its use-by date. Times change, and few today would...

United Nations welcomes L’Arche

As of July 2015, L’Arche International has been granted Special Consultative status at ECOSOC, the branch of the UN that promotes Social and Economic development. One advantage is that from now on, L’Arche will be consulted on all issues to do with disability, a priority area for the UN since the...

Jean Vanier at the British Parliament

On January 19, Jean Vanier was invited by the ecumenical steering group Together for the Common Good, to speak at the British Parliament on the subject of ‘Living together for the common good: why do the strong need the weak?'

Pope Francis in the Philippines: a L'Arche Punla special report

On Sunday, Pope Francis ended his visit to the Philippines with a Holy Mass in Manila, which was attended by a record six million people. L'Arche Punla was there too, and community Leader Letlet Paulino told us all about it.

Visiting the refugee camps in Iraq

Since June, more than a million people have left their homes in northern Iraq to seek refuge in Kurdistan – including 125,000 Christians who were asked to choose between renouncing their faith, exile or death. Ankawa, a suburb of Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, has...