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“Together we will overcome boundaries!”

“Together we will overcome boundaries!” “Despite some ‘bad weather days’, we have all kept our good mood!” Come rain, come sunshine (and even snow!), hikers with and without a disability walk together!   In July, to spread the...

Powerfully touched by the differences

“Here I am in a culture far removed from my own,” says James Schreiner about his time supporting in Asha Niketan (as L'Arche is called in India) Chennai, India, “and yet a smile is the same the world over: I love seeing Franci Akka smile. When I am with her, I often think of Linda from...

Small local community, big local impact!

What do you do, when you need a really good story book for children, about a person with a disability, but there isn’t one available? Well, why not follow the example of L'Arche Zagreb (Korablja Arka), and produce your own!

Financial Aid to rebuild L’Arche Chantal, Haiti

Hurricane Matthew left behind significant damage in L'Arche Chantal. Thanks to each of you who provided support, which has helped us face the emergency. To date, 15,000 Euros have been collected. We estimate the emergency budget to 35,000 Euros. Your help is welcome.

L'Arche Chantal severely touch

Hurricane Matthew has severely battered the southern coast of Haiti, causing loss of life and much destruction. The members of L’Arche Chantal are safe and sound, but it has been a shock for them.