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Opening the door to real hope

During the many years that Youssef lived in L’Arche Al Safina, Damascus, he used to like nothing better than sitting outside in the sunny courtyard, smoking his favourite cigarettes. Usually in the company of Ghassan (Sano), his older brother. If you would see them there, you could easily get the...

The mystery of life together, at L'Arche

“Do we have to be alike to live together? Differences in belief, in motivation, in age. Unity is something precious. It's precious because it's rare. It's rare because it's hard. Unity is about differences woven together.”

Culture available for everyone – is it possible?

How many people have impacted on our world as much as Anne Frank? Still today, her searing story of life in a ghetto continues to inspire young and old: truly part of our global cultural heritage. But there is a problem: reading words can be a challenge for some people.

From Kent to Kana-no-ie with love!

“They gave us their home-brewed beer and we gave them our hand-made paper mats.” Gen Sato, community leader of L'Arche Kana-no-ie in Japan is speaking about last summer’s visit of Dorota Wozniak and Paul Mothersdale from L'Arche Kent, UK. “It’s always very special to welcome L’Arche...

Winds of determination in Philippines

Winds of determination in Philippines There’s no stopping Benito Mananquil of L’Arche Punla! “What activities do I love? Basketball, swimming, playing my guitar, leading the community choir – Even cooking supper for everyone on Saturdays!” Since...

“God bless La Chicco Sband!”

Nadia never forgets! Each morning the same simple prayer: “God bless La Chicco Sband.” It is easy to see why: many schools near Rome, Italy, regularly depend on the band to come and play to their students.

How do people with disabilities change the world?

Hands up anyone in favour of “transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all”! Surely, 100% of available hands are waving, in support of this year’s theme for the International Day for People with Disabilities. After all, who wouldn’t want that kind of society? But the real...

“Together we will overcome boundaries!”

“Together we will overcome boundaries!” “Despite some ‘bad weather days’, we have all kept our good mood!” Come rain, come sunshine (and even snow!), hikers with and without a disability walk together!   In July, to spread the...

Fundamental values campaign from L'Arche Canada

You are cordially invited to join a message campaign on fundamental human values. The messages will be disseminated on social media in the form of short videoclips.