“God bless La Chicco Sband!”

Nadia never forgets! Each morning the same simple prayer: “God bless La Chicco Sband.” It is easy to see why: many schools near Rome, Italy, regularly depend on the band to come and play to their students.

How do people with disabilities change the world?

Hands up anyone in favour of “transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all”! Surely, 100% of available hands are waving, in support of this year’s theme for the International Day for People with Disabilities. After all, who wouldn’t want that kind of society? But the real...

“Just do it now or never.”

“Just do it now or never.” Testimonial  by Julia Huber, assistant And so Julia Huber took a deep breath and dived into the life of L’Arche Mexico ! For a young German woman with no Spanish, no travel experience beyond Europe, and...

“Together we will overcome boundaries!”

“Together we will overcome boundaries!” “Despite some ‘bad weather days’, we have all kept our good mood!” Come rain, come sunshine (and even snow!), hikers with and without a disability walk together!   In July, to spread the...

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Join one of our communities worldwide! L’Arche is a life-changing experience of self-discovery and personal growth in mutual relationships. If you believe in the creative human potential of all people with an intellectual disability, that is exactly the right starting point for joining L'Arche.