Signs of hope in Syria

Signs of hope in Syria


In the struggle against the absurd and despair, the community of Al Safina in Syria continue their workshop, and to host, visit and help refugees.

The conflict is close to the neighbourhood of the community: bombs, almost daily gunfire and deafening planes. The year has been charged with painful events. For example, Karim’s village was destroyed and his father, like many others, has emigrated to join a son in the USA, his stepmother is a refugee. The celebration of Christmas was a remedy to deadly sorrow.

In Mina (the workshop), 25 to 30 people come every morning in spite of transport problems. The paper workshop specializes in cardboard. The production, which is very good, was exhibited with success in a grand hotel. Young students from the Opera: pianists, flutists, oud and kanoun players surprised everyone by playing. Friends and social ties are essential.

Since the inflow of refugees from the outskirts of Damascus, the community has been engaged: a group of young people with intellectual disabilities from Doueila come several times a week to Mina. Assistants help another centre in Bab Moussalla. Lina and assistants from the home visit refugee families living in schools. Marie organizes the payment of rent for certain.

Faced with so much misfortune, there are so many small signs of hope.