Belfast 2017... it is already bubbling!

Belfast 2017... it is already bubbling!

The Federation Assembly takes place next June, but communities and offices everywhere are already humming and buzzing!

But above all, it is people who are gearing themselves up, getting ready for the Federation Assembly. People like Antonio and Ramon, who registered on the site as soon as their community, El Rusc in Spain, selected them to make the trip. As did Gabriel, in Santo Domingo to make sure of getting his visa. Daybreak in Canada and Il Chicco in Italy are two communities letting themselves be inspired during this season of Advent by the resources found in “The journey to Belfast”.

Susan Hughes, a member of the Belfast community, has turned herself into a tour-guide, putting together the Day to discover the local culture in Downpatrick. Christine Bruggemann is collecting ideas for workshops, with some proposals already sent in from David Treanor in Australia. Rosa from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has said ‘yes’ to joining the Inclusion team led by Anne Chabert d'Hières, so that each person can access the debates.

For the past month, Hazel Bradley has been meeting with the celebration team 2 hours each week, to dream up meaningful symbols, gestures and moments of inspiration. Anthony Kramers is building his team of musicians. Marie Sandrine Saas is keeping a close eye on the registrations while juggling the logistical questions. The translators are booking their tickets to fly... Highly focussed consultations are ongoing around the new Leadership Team and the next mandate. To make sure the body of the Assembly can dialogue well together, Patrick and Eileen are listening to the envoys and leaders, defining a clear framework for reflection. And watching over the planning and ensuring everything keeps on track is Pat Favaro... fortunately blessed with an unflappable and methodical head!

Hey, we are going forwards!