A member of L’Arche does a TEDx event

A TEDx event took place at Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, on the subject “Living Together”. The organizers wanted to hear about the expertise of L’Arche on that topic. They first asked Benoit Cazalaà, community leader of L’Arche in Paris, who in turn suggested Maxence Requillard. Who could be better than a person living with the experience of a disability to speak about “living together” in a L’Arche home?

Maxence prepared his talk with Benoit. He used preparation techniques, such as preparation notes. On the big day, his turn to speak was at the end of the day. He was able to wake up everyone in the room by initiating contact with ease and flair.

His original thought came out fluently: Living together is an art.  

What is that art? It all begins with the art of dealing with people when they are in bad humor. It is the art of having each other’s back when going out in public. It is the art of talking with each other while sharing meals with everyone. It is the art of having roots in one’s culture and leisure activities. It is the art of celebrating to keep up contacts… of enjoying champagne together!