Fundamental values campaign from L'Arche Canada

Fundamental values campaign from L'Arche Canada

About the campaign


A partnership-based communication strategy

Objective: To honour and share the best of human values in our contemporary culture, using the communication tools of our time.

Output: An awareness-raising campaign presented through a series of thematic yet universal messages, with the aim of reaching a broad audience beyond borders and cultural affiliations.

Approach: This campaign uses a partnership and a collaborative approach, enabling a number of organizations to participate in a joint campaign without having to pay a fee.

Medium: Short messages written, illustrated and edited on video intended to be disseminated through social media and on the web in general.


A graphic style beyond cultural identities

We chose to use a graphic approach stripped of cultural or generational references, without distinctive marks of belonging, but sufficiently visually catchy to arouse curiosity. The illustrations are simplified, understandable to all, with a style ranging between the pictogram, graffiti and representations of primitive art. The images seek to evoke an inner dimension, as experienced by the most vulnerable people, rather than seeking to represent external appearances.



As a partner organization, you will receive:

  • The opportunity to participate in a collective social media campaign
  • The name of your organization on the list of partners at the end of the message
  • The ability to disseminate the message directly on your social networks
  • The storyboard of each new message
  • The option to suggest new topics and message content

To register, simply send your email address and mention your organization’s name at:

To partner, visit:

Website L’Arche Canada:


Listening and Seeing beyond Appearances

A short fable in which a person discovers that it's not colour or shape that's important, but what is found inside. This animated message speaks to issues of all forms of discrimination caused by random judgement.

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Listening and Seeing beyond Appearances from L'Arche Canada on Vimeo.