L’Arche International is responsible for the leadership for the federation of L’Arche communites worldwide. It does this by ensuring the mission of L’Arche is lived and resourced and throughout the federation. In addition to this work, it also provides leadership and financial support to L’Arche communities in developing economies and those in countries without a L'Arche leadership structure. For further information about our strategy and financial overview go to our Annual Summary 2018


Stephan Posner and Stacy Cates-Carney, respectively the International Leader and Vice International Leader pilot the Federation of L'Arche. With the support of the International Stewardship Board, they foster unity across L'Arche, and lead the implementation of the five-year Mandate entrusted to them by the Federation Assembly at Belfast, 2017.

Stephan Posner – International Leader

Stephan has a business background in the print industry where he worked for 18 years as a director.  He then went on to take a series of leadership roles in L’Arche in France, becoming National Leader in 2013.  In 2014 he was called to lead L’Arche International.  Stephan is a member of L’Arche Paris (France).

Stacy Cates-Carney – Vice International Leader

Stacy is a trained retreat facilitator and spiritual director, she has also worked as a consultant with non-profits and individuals, supporting them in visioning, planning, creative problem solving and leadership development.  She has held a number of roles in L’Arche including community leader and chairing the L’Arche USA’s Solidarity Commission from 2008-2015, an opportunity which fostered her passion for connecting with L’Arche communities throughout the world.  Stacy is a member of L’Arche Tacoma (USA).


The L’Arche International Stewardship Board are responsible for the financial and legal oversight of L’Arche International according to French Law. They are drawn from a wide field of experience and nationalities.

Chair – Alison Lindsay Cross
Alison was a lawyer and judge of the Circuit Court in Dublin, Ireland.

Vice Chair – Viviane le Polain
Viviane was the International Co-ordinator of Faith and Light.  She teaches Religion, Ethics and Philosopy in Belgium.

Treasurer – Jacques Jaubert
Jacques is a Physics and Chemistry Engineer by education and had a long career in the automotive  business in France and abroad.