L’Arche Experience & Solidarity program
Participants: 20 Matched with 20 L’Arche Communities in low-income contexts
Project timeline: Volunteers spend 6 to 12 months in a L’Arche community

What it is

  • Each year approximately 20 volunteers (people from both inside and outside of L’Arche) are selected and matched with 20 L’Arche Communities.
  • Volunteers commit to spending six months to a year in the receiving L’Arche community, where they will accompany L’Arche Core Members through their daily life, and be completely immersed in the local community life. 

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"If the possibility of becoming an international volunteer crosses your path, I would say take your chance. It comes for some reason and it’s worth it.” - Julia Huber, Assistant in L’Arche Mexico

Why it is needed

  • To provide solidarity and support for L’Arche communities mainly in India, Philippines, Latin America and Africa.
  • To build an intercultural capacity in volunteers, which is a very important aspect of peacemaking skills in today’s global world. 

Why it is unique

  • Volunteers expand their skill set in the areas of cross-cultural communications and relationships, community life and development, living and working in a foreign cultural context, and caring for persons with a disability. 
  • This type of investment in the local Assistants has a positive long-term effect on the quality of care the receiving community can offer the Core Members.

Funding needs

  • Salary for program coordinator (recruitment, mentoring and follow up activities).
  • Stipend for volunteers (where required).
  • Travel costs (where required).
  • Health insurance coverage for volunteers (where required).

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