Sunday, June 25th


Our world is facing enormous questions: we certainly do not have a lot of answers to L’Arche! All we know is that our commitment together helps to address the issues and challenges.

Together, we can achieve things that would otherwise be impossible.

Game of Thrones meets L’Arche!

Picture this: a cloudy, fairly cool, windy day; the bare stone walls of Inch Abbey, reaching silently  and majestically to the sky. It’s been a ruin for the past half millennium; a couple of hundred L'Arche folk from many countries soaking up the atmosphere; some of us wondering whether to believe those alarming rumours that our picnic lunch had got lost… but hey, how’s this for a good idea: let’s sit down on the grass, take off our shoes and socks and start washing each other’s feet! So, being L'Arche, that is exactly what we did, in little groups. 

A solemn, but always strange moment for us. And then half way through, who do you think we see coming down the hill towards us? Figures clad in black cloaks, carrying impressively long swords and waving strange banners. About 40 of them, in a kind of procession, Game of Thrones enthusiasts doing their thing, while we did ours. Both engaged in a kind of re-enactment. 

As regular visitors to Inch Abbey, they probably expected just the usual ruins. But instead, what they came across was a living, foot-washing, slightly hungry community. L'Arche. Perhaps we are both a little crazy…

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