Meet Bartek Dabrowski!

Meet Bartek Dabrowski!

When we hear the name Bartek, we can think of...


“Dictionaries! How many does that man have?!”

“Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs!”



“Foreign languages!”

“My friend!”

“Atlases – ! why does anyone need so many atlases!”


“Classical music!”

Some descriptions of the unforgettable Bartíomiej Dabrowski through the eyes of his friends. But what does the man himself say? “I'm fascinated by people in different countries speaking different languages. I especially like English and German. I watch movies in these languages.”



Bartek, a learning disabled member of L’Arche Poznan, Poland, points to a shelf almost groaning under the weight of his dictionaries: in addition to English and German, there is Italian, Spanish, Swedish, French, Ukrainian... even Arabic or Chinese! He picks up one on Egyptian hieroglyphs. “My dream is to go to Egypt. There you can find traces of dinosaurs.”

‘Bartek and the dinosaurs:’ A Hollywood film? Don’t be fooled – this passion runs much deeper than mere entertainment: “I really like watching dinosaurs. I think about them a lot: how they hatched from eggs, how they roamed about and fought among themselves. I have a lot of books about them. Their names are in Latin and English – they were given to them by scientists. When I was in Kenya, I saw a lot of African animals. I brought back some models: the animals that walk on the land today are descendants of dinosaurs.”



Up to this point, your interest in dinosaurs may have been zero; you may not even speak Polish. But we guarantee you this: just five minutes with Bartek will open you up to a whole new world! It is a gift which many teachers across the world would willingly swim through a shark-infested Olympic swimming pool to get their hands on! Come to Poznan, and see for yourself!