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Ongoing formation for Community Leaders - June 2018

Ongoing formation for Community Leaders


Work in progress – will be communicated asap


Practical information

Languages: English and French with translation
Team: Formation team with members of the International Leadership Team and Support Team

For whom

For community leaders in their second mandate


From Sunday 10 June (6 pm) to Friday 15 June 2018 (9 am)


Vilnius (Lithuania)


Christine Bruggeman :


Link to Page


Ongoing Formation for Community Leaders - June 2018 - Registration

6.17 Other language spoken?

6.16 French/English spoken Person1

6.12 Name personn1

4.10 Indicate the name of the person or the organization who will pay for your participation

1.40 Male / Female

1.91 Which language you will be using for the meeting?

2.10 Do you prefer a shared or an individual room? (according to availability)

1.8 Country code

1.81 Mobile phone number

6.14 Phone Country code (personn1)

6.15 Phone Number Personn1

6.13 Email Person1

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