Our communities & us, the Federation

L’Arche International, the International Federation, support our members to grow stronger, through administrative or financial assistance, as well as meetings, training, exchanges, and sharing of human resources. Whatever the local reality, we create adaptive support structures and commit each to the exchange of knowledge and financial solidarity.



Our communities are regulated!

Within the Federation, our community members organize themselves with the support of Board members, regional or national members. Some countries, with one or two communities, receive direct support from our International Envoys. Each community, large or small, contributes to the development of L’Arche’s vision and must comply with the established rules from the Federation. 


Our communities combine skills & relationships!

We train “Helpers” to the highest professional standards in each country. In L’Arche, we enjoy combining our professional skills with warm mutual relationships of trust and encouragement: together, each person can discover the deeper meaning and impact of their life. 

“Helpers” and “helped” create an inclusive and open community life, living a true partnership together. 


Our communities have various forms!

A community of L’Arche adapts to the local culture, and so can take various forms: sometimes, a residential home is what is needed; sometimes, no need for accommodation, but a great need for a support network of friends; sometimes we create jobs, sometimes, we rely on partner work agencies.

In all this diversity, the common thread is the warm mutual relations between “helpers” and “helped”, and the desire that each develops their full potential as a human being.