International Mission Program


In response to the call of communities by request, experienced assistants are sent to specific missions, for a long-term venture, in a formative presence.


You are at L'Arche since 5 years, or have equivalent experience in a relevant field, you've already participated in the International Experience program or abroad for an extended period, you are healthy and relatively autonomous, fluent in the language of the hosting community and have the desire to serve and share your talents and experience.


The mission involves sharing the everyday life of the community, as well as a specific aspect identified by the community and related to its development on the growth level, on the quality of life in the community, or yet its innovations. For example: assist in the development of daytime activities, facilitate the transition of a community to the next step, to implement a new pedagogical approach or establish a new program...

Ready to join us!

You, your community, the hosting community and the accompanying person will enter into a conversation. The Director of Solidarity ensures the process. Once that's completed an agreement will outline the responsibilities of each person. The financial package for this type of mission is the subject of several partnerships. The Director of the Solidarity oversees the process.


Director of International Solidarity