What does the International Federation of L’Arche communities do?

The Federation represents its members on a global level. It also supports communities, through leadership structures, training, administrative or financial assistance depending on the local needs. Through meetings and other means the Federation facilitates the sharing of experiences and resources.

Link to videos describing, in simple terms, the international structure

VideoNews1 - The International Federation

Mission of L’Arche and Role of Board


We strive for unity in our diversity.

From one continent to another the same inspiration brings to life the spirituality of our communities. This is a spirit of encounter, listening and empathy and solidarity. 


We are lifelong learners…

All within our communities, people with and without intellectual disabilities, strive to grow in competence. This enables us to fulfill our daily tasks well, and play a role as citizens in the world. The Federation encourages and supports communities in that ongoing process.


Communities that are the same and not the same!

From one culture to another, each community creates its own models: for example, one community will create a network of families while another will focus around residences. One community will run a workshop while another will offer social and creative arts activities to the public. All help us to forge reciprocal relationships.