Job opportunity: International Envoy for Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe

L’Arche International is looking for an International Envoy for Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe

  • Part-time role
  • Start in the role : Q4 2023
  • Flexible location



L’Arche is a worldwide movement of more than 150 communities and 30 projects where people with and without learning disabilities share life together and contribute to a more human society. L’Arche International federates our communities on the five continents and serves as a convener of unity for our common mission;

Position summary

The Federation directly supports and oversees communities not grouped together in a country.
This support, oversight and guidance is provided through International Envoys. Under the supervision of the International Delegate for L’Arche in Africa and Central and South America, the International Envoy supports and supervises the three communities of L’Arche in East Africa.

The International Envoy carries the authority of the International Federation towards the communities and local boards. She/He ensures that the communites live the values of L’Arche in line with our Identity and Mission and promote the development of L’Arche’s presence, sustainability and growth in their respective countries.


L’Arche in East Africa

The communities of L’Arche in East Africa aim to be places of hope and belonging for people with and without intellectual disabilities. L’Arche is present in three countries in East Africa:

L’Arche Uganda, founded in 1990, is located in the capital city of Kampala. There is currently 18 people with disabilities living in two houses, and another 7 people with disabilities join the community for daytime activities, supported by a team of 23 people (assistants, volunteers, others).  Community life is dedicated to activities of farming the land, raising livestock, handicraft workshops, skills development, day care and outreach programs for families in and outside of the community.

Twenty-five years after its foundation, L’Arche Zimbabwe welcomes 22 people with intellectual disabilities in two homes.  A team of 20 assistants and various friends are also members of the community.  The community now reaches out to approximately 100 members of the wider geographical community through an outreach physiotherapy program.  The therapy centre reaches out to 360 people in 4 local communities through the community outpatient station.

L’Arche Kenya joined L’Arche International in 2009 and was originally founded by St. Martin Catholic Social Apostolate. L’Arche Kenya is in the town of Nyahururu. The community has 2 houses (with 12 members living in) and 5 workshops/daytime programs: production workshops and 5 occupational therapy workshops, with 21 members with disabilities. The disability outreach program offers support in education, vocational training, disability advocacy, employment services, medical and therapy services, and social integration for people with disabilities including children, youth and adults (around 800 people per year). Overall, the community has around 40 assistants, volunteers, employees.

East African communities strive to fulfill their mission which is to make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities, revealed through transforming mutual relationships, in societies where stigma surrounding intellectual disability is strong. They seek to find creative ways to increase their impact, particularly through outreach programs that support families who have members with disabilities.

Common challenges for the three communities are fundraising and financial sustainability in a context of lack of public funding, as well as the ongoing work of strengthening human resources and leadership.

The communities experience a strong sense of belonging to the International Federation and share vibrant community and spiritual dimensions of L’Arche. They develop solidarity and mutual support in the region and participate together in regional formation programs.


Main responsibilities

  • To accompany and assess the communities. Support them in their strategic development.
  • To ensure that the governance principles, policies and practices are in line with the Constitution of L’Arche International and the Charter.
  • To promote the message of L’Arche in the countries under his/her responsibility.
  • To ensure the commitment and membership of the communities in the International Federation.
  • To prepare for the future with projects.
  • To provide support to develop Human Resources (HR policies, professional development)
  • To ensure that the communities’ safeguarding policies are in line with L’Arche’s framework.
  • To supervise finances (understanding of the finances of the Communities, Financial Aid process, fundraising support).


Requirements of the role

  • Reports to the International Delegate.
  • Part-time role (% FTE to be discussed, estimated to 80% for the three communities).
  • Visits communities regularly, meeting with all members, local Boards and Community Councils.
  • Ensures the organisation of inter-community gatherings, training programs, and retreats.
  • Fosters close partnerships with the local Board Chairs.
  • Participates in the appropriate international meetings and formation.
  • Is able to connect members of the community according to their needs to the appropriate people within L’Arche International for formation, coaching and other needs as they arise.


Expected qualities and competencies for the role

  • Personal integration of and commitment to the Identity & Mission of L’Arche, ability to transmit and communicate it.
  • Commitment to spiritual life in respect of the diversity of cultural, spiritual and religious sensibilities.
  • Leadership qualities and management skills: finance, human resources, facilitation.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Assessment skills: ability to observe, listen and determine response to varied situations.
  • Cultural and communication competence / practice of inculturation: ability to understand, communicate and effectively interact with people across cultures.
  • Flexibility and creativity in accessing and utilizing resources.
  • Awareness of personal gifts and limits to maintain healthy boundaries
  • Fluent in English (written and oral)

To apply, you are invited to send your motivation letter and CV/resume in English including references to Elisabeth Richard :


For the nomination team

Stanislas Dubourg, Elisabeth Richard


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